Diliar was established in 1954 in Certaldo, near Florence as a ”Made in Italy” manufacturer.

To this day, we attire the feminine charm with nightwear lingerie and the male world with pyjamas and loungewear.

Our workshop is a place of creative excellence. Here the flair and imagination of the designers create exclusive lines and new fashion trends by selecting fine and comfortable fabrics enriching them with laces, embroideries and tulle.

Each model is studied to understand and satisfy the requests of the global market.

On paper, the ideas create sketches that are developed in an improved model and afterwards is cut with the maximum of precision thanks to the newest technologies.



A revival to authenticity and softness of the elegant and glamour lingerie, for a contemporary romanticism between minimal accessories, embroideries on tulle and printed effects.


Comfortable and elegant lines in a range of luxury materials, a neo-dandy and fierce look for a dynamic and refined style.


The right layout for each and every aspect of the contemporary daily life, an easy night lounge with romantic accessories.