Verdiani: 70 years of history. Tradition, knowledge and research, the grounds of a great product

It was the 1950s; while the “Dolce Vita” was seducing the world with the magic of enchanted’s nights, Rino and Dina Verdiani’s imagination was creating dreams of laces, frills and alluring transparencies. Therefore Diliar was born, the company that to this day attires the feminine charm with nightwear lingerie and the male world with pyjamas and loungewear. Reached by now the third generation, the Verdiani family, still respecting its artisan origins, has renewed the look of the company introducing the latest technologies gearing torwards the future on the search of new milestones.

Our atelier, the place of creative excellence

Here the flair and the imagination of the designers create exclusive lines and new fashion trends selecting fine and comfortable fabrics enhanced with laces, embroideries and tulle.

Each model is studied to understand and satisfy the requests of the global market.

On paper, the ideas create sketches that are transformed in the improved model with the newest information technologies and afterwards cut with the maximum of precision thanks to the automatic cutting.

From the sample to the finished product, each phase of the productive’s cycle is developed inside the company’s atelier, where highly skilled artisans accurately follow the several steps of the production to ensure that every detail is through and each model is a cause for sucess.

100% Made in Italy

“Made in Italy” is our core business, the philosophy that represents Verdiani at its best.

We are one of the few entities of the sector that, nowadays, performs each and every cycle of the production in our atelier located on the Tuscan hills.

Fabrics arrive to our headquarters where they are checked and afterwards transformed in the finished product following all the cycles, from cutting to sewing, to quality check, ironing and packaging!  

Private Label

Our dinamity give us the opportunity to follow Private Label projects that over the year have been giving us great satisfactions. We are able to follow and fulfil any request, starting from the skecth, to the selection of fabrics to the realization of the sample, providing our clients, mainly foreign, with the thrue “Made in Italy”.